Bridge Farm Embankment Stabilisation

Project Details

Client: Network Rail
Value of contract: £675,000

Description of Works:

Works involved the supply and installation of 865 No 6.0m L604 steel sheet piles to form 3 No permanent retaining walls at the toe of the existing railway embankment at Bridge Farm near Aylesbury on the Chiltern Line.


The sheet pile retaining walls form part of the embankment stabilisation works being undertaken by Network Rail.


Sheet piles were installed using 2 No F201 Giken Silent Pilers in solo mode. 2 No Movax rigs were used to pitch the piles and service the Gikens. A 40t 360 deg. tracked excavator was used for all heavy lifting.


By using the 40t excavator and the Movax rigs, we avoided any requirements for cranes, which enabled all the piling works to be carried out during normal daytime hours under ALO conditions.


A pressed steel capping beam was installed over the pile heads as well as weep holes being drilled in the piles.

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