Moor Park

Project Details

Client: London Underground Ltd
Principal Contractor: Cementation Skanska
Value of contract: £546,000

Description of Works:

Stabilisation of an embankment slip on the Metropolitan Line at Moor Park, consisting of the installation of 230 No PU28 steel sheet piles 9.0m long using the Giken Supercrush System (partial GRB System) alongside live rail traffic.

The Giken back-walker system was also used for de-mobilisation. The Giken Supercrush system uses an integral augering and pressing system to enable simultaneous augering and pile pressing to take place. This enables piles to be installed in very stiff / hard ground conditions with silent vibrationless methodology. This system can typically accommodate piles up to 21.0 m long but has the potential to be adapted for longer piles.

Prior to the Giken arriving on site a set of starter piles were installed to launch the Giken from, using a Movax rig to vibratory drive the piles followed by a Fambo rig to back drive the piles to level.

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