Ampere Way

Project Details

Client: Transport for London (TFL)
Principal Contractor: Clancy Docwer
Value of contract: £550,000.00

Description of Works:

The supply and installation of steel piles (VL605 7.5m long) to form a permanent retaining wall at the toe of an existing embankment for embankment stabilisation works alongside the London Tram lines between Ampere Way and Therapia Lane stations.

Given the embankment stability, surrounding environment and access constraints, the sheet piles were installed using a Giken Silent Piler in Supercrush (augering) mode. In addition to this, the full Giken Reaction Base (GRB) system was used; the Giken Clamp Crane to pitch the piles and service the Giken and the Giken Pile Runner to service the Clamp Crane.

Starter piles (which formed part of the permanent works) for lifting the Giken and Clamp Crane onto were installed using a Movax side-grip vibratory hammer rig. The lifts on at the start of the wall and the lifts off at the end of the wall were undertaken using a 130-tonne mobile crane during engineering hours due to the risk of crane collapse onto the tram lines.

The use of the Clamp Crane (fitted with a slew restrictor) and a 35-tonne 360 degree tracked excavator (fitted with slew restrictor and boom reach / height limiter) for all other lifting, enabled all the sheet pile installation works to be undertaken during normal weekdays.

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