Stockley Airport Junction

Project Details

Client: Network Rail
Principal Contractor: Carillion Rail
Value of contract: £1,100,000

Description of Works:

Stockley Airport Junction Main Works
2013 – 2015

The supply and installation of temporary and permanent steel sheet piles to form retaining walls and cofferdams to enable construction of new railway structures.

Works were adjacent to and in between the Great Western mainline railway tracks. Piles were installed to strict noise and vibration limits using telescopic leader rigs to pre-auger and then vibratory install. The pre-augering / predrilling serves to aid driveability and minimise noise and vibration transmission.

Completed: April 2015
Value: £948,000

Stockley Airport Junction Early Works 2012

The installation of free issue AZ steel sheet piles to form permanent retaining walls.
These works included the first use in the UK of a telescopic leader rig mounted vibrationless pile press to install 700mm wide AZ piles.

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