Telescopic Leader Rig

J N Piling’s primary method of pile installation and extraction is by telescopic leader rig. We operate a wide range and variety of modern telescopic leader rigs.

The great advantage of a telescopic leader rig is the variety and flexibility it permits – it can be fitted with:

  • A resonance free variable moment vibratory hammer for pile installation and extraction;
  • A rotary auger drive motor and set of suitable length CFA auger flights to enable pre-augering ground treatment to take place prior to pile installation;
  • A 4-jaw hydraulic pile press to facilitate silent and vibration free pile installation.

The telescopic leader rig itself is all self-contained – it requires minimum rigging and setting up. In addition it has a high degree of mobility on most types of ground. J N Piling telescopic leader rigs can handle, pitch and drive sheet and bearing piles up to 21.5m long in a single length. The size, however, does not impair the rigs’ flexibility – moving in one piece and self-erecting in a short time.

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