Silent & Vibration-Free Piling Installation

If noise and vibration levels generated are a potential problem, or where the project is governed by environmental constraints, sheet pile installation and extraction using silent and vibration free equipment is a possible solution – this method is commonly known as pile pressing.

Pile pressing enables the installation and extraction of sheet piles with no vibration and minimum noise levels. Sheet pile extraction can also be undertaken using the pile press.

J N Piling can undertake pressing work using either a telescopic leader rig mounted pile press or more commonly using walking Giken silent pilers.

Where ground conditions dictate, additional measures can be utilised including water jetting and pre-augering (Giken Supercrush) to assist pile installation.

J N Piling are the UK’s most experienced Giken Supercrsuh operators having used the Supercrush method on numerous projects to install U piles and both single and double Z piles.

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