This week we’ve got our┬áteam down in Oxford working on the Aristotle Footbridge. The job involves installing steel sheet piles to form the wall supporting a pathway up to a footbridge over the railway line. It is a very narrow site and directly next to a large residential complex (separated only by a brick retaining wall).

For this job we’ve got a Giken silent and vibration free piler working in Super Crush mode with the assistance of a 50 tonne crawler crane and (for the final piles on the skinny end) a clamp crane for the┬áslinging and pitching of AZ26 piles which vary in length between 7 and 9 metres. After augering into the earth and installing each pile, the Giken releases its feet and “crawls” along the piles into position for the next one.

Most impressive is the accuracy with which the piles are interlocked using the guidance of two laser beams.

Residents next door and passers by alike have enjoyed pausing to watch and marvel at the – surprisingly quiet – construction of this project.