Its been a steady few months here at J N Piling with some big jobs reaching completion including a second phase back at the A406 Power Road Bridge project in Chiswick, a Carillion Buckingham Joint Venture on the Bicester-Oxford line, the installation of some king posts in Upper Holloway and a Network Rail job at Somerton Road Bridge in Newport, Wales.

We’re currently working with a Giken Silent Piler in Super Crush mode on the Aristotle Footbridge in Oxford and preparing for the commencement of several big jobs later this month.

Oxford Aristotle

Work in progress at the Aristotle Footbridge in Oxford

J N Piling has seen some changes in recent weeks as we farewelled our Personal Assistant and Administration Manager Rachel who had been with us since 2014. Rachel has gone to work nearby and still pops in to say hello. Rachel has been replaced by El, an enthusiastic Australian who is looking forward to breaking in her new steel-cap boots at her first site visit to Oxford.

We’re proud to say that all of our operational staff successfully completed their Industry Common Induction before 1 June and we are up-to-date and ready for some more Network Rail jobs. We have also had all the guys complete their London Underground common induction and look forward to future challenges in this area.

Most recently we have joined the Supply Chain Sustainability School and achieved a Bronze Medal. We are eager to work in the most sustainable way possible and have enjoyed the learning involved in making the work of J N Piling as sustainable as possible.

Finally, a big thank you to our local friends at Bow House for putting together our new website, we hope it is informative and enjoyable!