J N Piling are currently working on the installation of permanent PU 22 sheet piles to form a permanent retaining wall adjacent to the OXD lines (North of Oxford Station) on behalf of Carillion rail for Network Rail. The piles will be installed using a Giken F301 Silent Piler in standard mode (without water jetting and pre-augering equipment).

A 40t 360o tracked excavator will be used for mobilisation and demobilisation of the Giken F301 and ancillary equipment and also to assemble the Giken F301 and reaction stand set up and to disassemble the Giken F301 on competition of works. The Movax will be rigged and maintained in a configuration such that it can be utilised for vibratory driving of the piles if necessary (piles can be driven through the Giken chuck if required).

In addition to the above, a rotary auger drive and augers for the 25t excavator will be supplied and maintained to facilitate any pre-augering or post installation augering that may become necessary.

Photo Updates to follow.